Austin Jaax declares candicay for Higher Lord

LESSER ONTARIO, NIEVENORTE – Austin Jaax, a Posafian politician and the President of Iustus, has officially announced his candidacy in the New Democrats Party in Posaf for Higher Lord (Prime Minister to outsiders) in the 2019 Posafian general elections.

At around 10:30 PM soon-to-be candidate Jaax formally announced [after speculation that] he would run for the Higher Lord position. Jaax stated,

     “Dear fellow Posafians, I Austin Jaax shall be running for the position of Higher Lord on the January 2019 election, if I get elected to the office of Higher Lord, I will be working with everyone in the Posafian parliament, the Posafian people, and the Posafian monarch, I will expand the presence of Posaf in a couple of the Provinces, I will expand the diplomacy and connections of Posaf and the awareness of Posaf, I will try to institute a semi-mixed economy while compromising with opponents of it, and I will plan bi-weekly Parliament meetings, GO NDP!”

Jaax was supported by some NDP members who were active on the chat after announcing some of his plans to run. Jaax has been speculated to run before with his promise of “working with everyone” in Posaf and in the government.

Jaax’s announcement just comes days after Nicolas Millan of the Marketist Party, who hold third-party status, announced that he would for Higher Lord or in the Monarchial position. With the election in January, preparation and support are key for some candidates in the upcoming election.


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